Concert Orlando Seale le 22 Janvier

Orlando Seale in Concert Orlando Seale in Concert

22 Janvier 2019 à 20h


Maison Arriù, rue Henri II à Montaut

Evènement, Soirée
About This Project

Venez décou­vrir Orlan­do Seale, un artiste hors du com­mun rési­dant à Londres, de pas­sage excep­tion­nel dans les Landes, à Mai­son Arriù !


Un concert guitare‐voix pro­po­sé dans un cadre cha­leu­reux et intime.
Places limi­tées, mer­ci de nous pré­ve­nir de votre venue, en nous envoyant un mes­sage via notre site, ou par sms au 06 28 53 30 17.
L’entrée est libre, et nous ferons pas­ser un cha­peau pour rétri­buer l’artiste :-).


Si vous sou­hai­tez appor­ter quelque chose à boire ou à man­ger, nous pour­sui­vrons d’autant plus joyeu­se­ment ce rendez‐vous musi­cal.

Alors rdv mar­di 22 jan­vier à 20h !
» Edit : le concert est pas­sé, retrou­vez l’article com­plet à ce sujet ici !


Un mot sur Orlan­do :

Orlan­do was living and wor­king as an actor in Los Angeles when his girl­friend at the time lent him Elliot Smith’s old gui­tar. Then she left him. He made his way home to Lon­don and was struck by the rapid­ly chan­ging city, its caf­fei­na­ted highs and ‘Gin Street’ lows. Thanks to a spe­cial col­la­bo­ra­tion with the Sou­th­bank Sin­fo­nia, Orlan­do met vio­la players Becky Hop­kin and Patri­cia Rami­rez. Along with bas­sist Micky Tur­king­ton they crea­ted the Swell, an attempt to cap­ture the epic sweep of the unreal city.

Then the sky fell down.
Life lur­ched left and stea­di­ly became more like wrest­ling than dan­cing.

So armed with new drum­mer Andrew Gal­lop the band holed up in a condem­ned rehear­sal space behind Den­mark Street and began to carve out a har­sher, less lyri­cal sound that reflec­ted the tur­bu­lent times. In Decem­ber 2015 they relea­sed their latest single ‘Wrest­ling’.
Hap­pi­ly cri­tics and fans embra­ced the new direc­tion and The Swell have since been playing sold out shows around the coun­try and per­for­ming at some of the UK’s lea­ding fes­ti­vals. New releases are on their way…


“Like Arcade Fire with bet­ter lyrics” – Sere­na Davies, Dai­ly Tele­graph


A ball­sy, bohe­mian behe­moth coming on like Jar­vis Cocker fron­ting Arcade Fire with a petite orches­tra of drum‐beating and string‐serenading beau­ties” – Will Rees, Wil­der­ness Fes­ti­val


Like a male Flo­rence and The Machine” – Noel Fiel­ding


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